The amazing ????? coming up on Lost [spoilerama]

io9 has some new Lost and Battlestar spoilers; my thoughts après-jump.

The next instalment of Lost, ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, reportedly includes “an amazing death sequence” that could be related to the return of the smoke monster. (When did we last see that thing, anyway?) Could this somehow tie in to the upcoming Claire-focused storyline?

Something must happen to Claire if she’s not around in the future to take care of Aaron, and it must happen soon if the Oceanic 6 are escaping the island by the end of the season. It would be super shocking if sweet, innocent, doll-like Claire were to be brutally offed by ol’ Smokey. I like watching Emilie de Ravin on Lost (Australia, represent!), but you gotta admit that Claire’s death could make some great TV… especially if she and Jack discovered their family connection shortly before she carked it.

Over on Battlestar Galactica, it seems that Cally’s forthcoming suicide might be a little more complicated than you’d think. I know this sounds cruel, but I kinda can’t wait for this plot. I never liked Cally – partly because she married Tyrol like a day after he beat the crap out of her, but mostly because Nicki Clyne’s acting has always bugged me.



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