The dirtiest South Park moment ever [South Park – Over Logging]

My worst nightmare came true in the latest episode of South Park:the internet stopped working. For good. The very thought of it happening for real makes me break out in a cold sweat.

Randy Marsh is really giving Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin a run for their money in the “cartoon dad with the least dignity” contest. When the internet went out he went to desperate lengths to sate his lust for anything-goes internet porn, uprooting his family to “Californee” in his quest to see Japanese girls vomiting in each others’ mouths. His porn search culminated in one of the dirtiest South Park moments ever – you can see a screenshot after the jump, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Yeah. Told you it was gross.

The “moral” of this episode seemed a little confused – mostly because I don’t think there was one. The plot was just an excuse to depict a silly scenario about what would happen to everyone who relies on chat and porn and email if the internet went down, as opposed to a dig about our abuse of natural resources.

But I did love Kyle’s ingenious solution to save the internet – mostly because I successfully employed the same trick when my net connection dropped out earlier today. So this episode did teach us something after all.


One Response to “The dirtiest South Park moment ever [South Park – Over Logging]”

  1. […] an arch satire, nor a grandiose adventure (and nor did it have any truly memorable moments, like last week’s dirtiest gag ever), but it was fun and silly enough to make me sad that new South Park won’t be back until, […]

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