Reasons to love infoMania [internet TV]

I’ve just discovered infoMania, a Current TV show that’s recently been promoted to a fully-fledged half-hour series. You gotta start watching this show, and here’s why:

  • It’s funny. Think The Daily Show, but replace the witty dissection politics with a rapid-fire, self-consciously cool dissection of pop culture. The latest episode sounds off about penis straws, celebrity deaths, the Pope, and Chinese dudes who blow-dry their pubic hair.
  • It’s cute. I have a monster crush on host Conor Knighton, while co-presenter Brett Erlich is like some sort of scruffy, earnest poster boy for geek chic. There isn’t one person involved in this show who don’t think I’d like to have a drink with.
  • It’s free. I love free stuff!

And did I mention the cute hosts? There’s a new episode of infoMania every Thursday; you can watch here.

[Link, and kudos to my pal Monica for getting me onto this]


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