Heroes cast apparently has the power to expand indefinitely [Heroes]

Heroes, which by my count is second only to Lost when it comes to character-bloat, will introduce two new faces come its triumphant return later this year: Joy, a quick-thinking twentysomething; and Senator Robert Malden, a middle-aged “political straight shooter”.

Two new faces I can deal with. But series creator Tim Kring is reportedly looking to inject 12 new characters into the sci-fi drama. What?! Is he crazy? Unless its turns out that he’s introducing a new character who can take on a dozen different forms, or casting the members of shady a secret society, this sounds like bad case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.

Then again, Tim did promise to fix the show in the wake of season two (which I didn’t even think was that bad). Maybe we just have to put our geeky trust him.

[Link, via Buddy TV]


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