Gays on the box [d&m]

If you have an interest in homo issues and half an hour or so to spare, check out AfterElton’s recent series of articles about gays in prime time: part one analyses the ‘mo factor of various US networks, while the more fascinating part two quizzes gay showrunners on their experiences working with gay characters.

For example, when the super-cute Greg Berlanti (who now oversees Brothers & Sisters) worked on Dawson’s Creek in the ’90s, a standards and practices suit actually timed Jack’s famous gay kiss to make sure it didn’t last too long. I know, right? Other homo showrunners (or as I call them, ‘morunners) featured include Ugly Betty‘s Silvio Horta and Pushing Daisies‘ Bryan Fuller.

[Link here and here, via The Watcher]


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