Underbooby [Underbelly – Scratched]

Does anyone else think that Carl Williams is sitting in his prison cell right now plotting some strange and terrible revenge on Gyton Grantley for portraying him as a fat, slobbering oaf?

Anyway. Tonight’s episode of Underbelly flashed about yet more tits, just like every other episode, and even when tits weren’t on display they were usually the focus of the script: in one weird scene Alex Dimitriades’ Character (who has no name owing to mysterious legal reasons) was strangling his girlfriend, who he suspected of cheating on him, and he only stopped her strangling when she lied and said she hadn’t been screwing around but planning a boob job. And then the scene inexplicably became light-hearted and sexy, because domestic abuse sure is funny when it has a “men like boobs!” punchline.


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