Elle is totally jealous of Nina’s thing with Project Runway [Project Runway]

Perez reckons he knows the real reason Nina Garcia was dropped from Elle magazine: because she never actually did any work there.

That seems like a pretty good reason to fire someone, you guys.

Perez sez that Nina’s been so busy with Runway for the last couple of years that she only comes into the office about eight hours a week, leaving her assistants to do all her work. (How does she spend her time when Project Runway is on hiatus, then?) But though Nina will be replaced as Elle‘s fashion editor, she might return to the mag as “editor at large”, thereby solving the mystery of what title Heidi will use to introduce her on the show. Glad we cleared that one up.

Update: Nina’s future on PR might not be so clearcut after all. Seems she’ll stick around for season five only if she stays with Elle in some capacity, and Elle has to decide if they want to keep her because she boosts the magazine’s profile or if they want to ditch her because she’s not worth keeping. Ack! This is more confusing than attempting to make a dress out of candy.



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