The road to nowhere [Canal Road – s01e01]

So, um, Canal Road looks good and everything, but… is anyone else not really that interested in the ongoing murder-mystery plot introduced in episode one? Yes, Paul Leyden is hot, but at this point I don’t really give a crap why his family was mysteriously killed.

At the end of the episode I was honestly expecting a scene where Paul’s character, moody psychiatrist Spencer, discovers that compelling piece of evidence which would prove that some dark conspiracy was behind his family’s deaths, and I’d be all “ZOMG I can’t believe it I can’t wait till next week to find out what happens!”

Instead, there was a scene with Spencer rowing on the Yarra. Um… yeah. It’s called a “hook”, Canal Road writers. You put it at the end of your show, and it makes people want to keep watching. Look into it.


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