A desperate twist [Desperate Housewives]

The New York Post has details on a big shocker coming up on Desperate Housewives. If you don’t want to know, you should probably skip to the next post now.

So everyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled for Desperate Housewives has closed their eyes? Good. Let’s proceed.

Marcia Cross had a chat with fellow lesbian (I’m kidding) Ellen Degeneres last week and revealed the stunning twist of Despies‘ fourth season finale: in the closing minutes the show will jump five years into the future and stay five years in the future, for good.

Woah! Or, more accurately, meh. This seems like less of a genuine attempt to reinvigorate a sagging soap and more of a desperate gambit for attention. Not to mention the fact that leaping into the future is sooooo 2007. Other shows to make the great leap forward (Alias and Battlestar Galactica come to mind) had a chewy narrative reason to do so. How can the suburban Desperate Housewives possibly justify such a twist?

[Link, via TV Squad]


One Response to “A desperate twist [Desperate Housewives]”

  1. Lesbians on Desperate Housewives
    ok..there was a reference someones character doing hot female love in the shower when she goes to prison …she apparently got shot before that could happen. In there acting pasts, evan longoria, teri hatcher, nicollette sheridan, and especially marcia cross have all tasted tender tongue onscreen …you can google or youtube the images…and felicity huffman did a trans role …also, this years new character, dana delany, did some of the hottest scenes ever on the L word in her reprise of a powerful new york senator with presidential aspirations and a powerful husband who accepts her lesbian side. (could we be MORE Hillary Clinton obvious here.) Now, what I was wondering about Desperate Housewives, was why they hell didn’t dana delany’s character and marcia cross’s character let the smolderings between them blossom between the sheets ..seemed a natural …however, on the season finale, we got a flash forward of five years from now …and I didn’t see any lesbian couples on wysteria lane.

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