The fate of Desmond [Lost]

Lost‘s Henry Ian Cusick drops by the Washington Post for a chat about his character, Desmond. In addition to revealing that Desmond is due to stick around the freighter for a while, there’s a couple of other telling tidbits. More on those after the jump.

Most telling, I think, is Cusick’s “feeling” that Desmond will die before Lost wraps up for good in 2010. You know what? I disagree. In the season three finale I got to thinking that Penelope’s search for Desmond is the true story of Lost (and a much more romantic plot thread than any of the Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet malarkey), a feeling confirmed when I saw ‘The Constant’ earlier this year.

So the reason I don’t think Desmond will die is because I predict the series ends with his and Penny’s triumphant reunion; it’ll be a crushing tragedy if he dies before that can happen.

Besides, he’s not allowed to die till he reads Our Mutual Friend.



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