Incest still isn’t best [Dexter]

Seems I’m not the only one a little grossed out by Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter’s burgeoning relationship. A source tells People:

“I don’t see what the big deal is… they play brother and sister on the show, but they are actors, after all.”

Well, yes, but it’s still weird. Not that I don’t wish them all the happiness in the world – I met (if by “met” you mean “saw across a crowded room a couple of times”) Michael last October when he was in Australia, and he seems like a lovely guy. But that doesn’t make it any less bizarro.



One Response to “Incest still isn’t best [Dexter]”

  1. Ummm,
    yes it does make it less bizarro.

    They’re *actors*.
    I’m not sure if anyone ever explained it to you, so I’ll try and use small words, but that means they’re just ‘acting’. They’re not brother & sister in any way and probably never met til this show. Wow. Weird, huh?

    Now, the good news is – Michael C. Hall hasn’t actually killed anyone either. Well, maybe that might be a little disappointing for you, who knows…

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