The shape of things to come [Lost]

EW has an intriguing Lost feature that goes behind the scenes of the six episodes that’ll round out season two. Mild spoilerage from the article and a couple of other sources after the jump.

Most interesting is the discussion about “Frozen Donkey Wheel”, the codename for the big twist at the end of the season. Damon Lindelof promises it’ll take Lost in a whole ‘nother direction: “You think the show is, ‘Okay, they’re on the Island, and then – whoosh – you’re in the past or the future.’ By the end of season 4, I think the audience is going to go, ‘How can the show continue to be that?’ And they are absolutely right.”

Usually I’d just chalk remarks like these up to executive producer BS, but the fact that I’m still recovering from the season three finale indicates that season four could end with something frakkin’ huge (and I’ll be crushed if it doesn’t).

Also on the cards for season four: a trip to the three-storey Orchid station; who’s in the coffin (a revelation I don’t care about that much, honestly); how the Oceanic 6 escape the island and who’s left behind (which does intrigue me, because I want to know what separates Claire and Aaron); and a “mythically significant” flashback.

Not on the cards: Miles’ and Daniel Faraday’s backstories. Not a huge loss – we got enough hints about them in ‘Presumed Dead’ to keep me sated till next season.

Lastly, Watch with Kristin has a neato trailer for the remaining six episodes that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I am sooooo revved up for April 24, you guys.



2 Responses to “The shape of things to come [Lost]”

  1. Damon has mentioned on the Lost podcast that the season ender won’t be quite as explosive as other seasons – it’ll be more of an “ooh!” moment than an “OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD” moment.

    Then again, could be another trick to catch us unawares…

  2. jetsamjr Says:

    Those guys ARE sneaky. Worst case scenario: the finale’s crap, they know it, and they’re going to do that thing where they pretend that it’s intriguing and clever and only smart people will enjoy it, and everyone who hates it is dumb. But I hope that’s not the case.

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