The desperate scrambling of a former fattie [The Biggest Loser]

Cosi annoyed the crap out of me on tonight’s instalment of The Biggest Loser. He had a huge target on his back the entire night, so he spent most of the episode scrambling to convince everyone that Sam is actually the bigger threat in the competition and should therefore be the one to go. Wha-EVA. Anyway, the dumb strategy didn’t work, and Cosi was cut. Shucked in.

Though it was obvious the entire time that Cosi would be voted out, but the show still did that thing where it hinted at the outcome by showing parts of the eliminee’s body… body parts which clearly belonged to Cosi, even though his face wasn’t shown. Quit doing that, show!

But even though the show spoiled itself (again), there was one shock right at the end: it turned out Cosi’s real name isn’t Cosi but Andrew. What?! Now that’s what I call a stunning twist.

[Image, The Biggest Loser official]


2 Responses to “The desperate scrambling of a former fattie [The Biggest Loser]”

  1. Cobatron Says:

    I could’ve told you that!

    He’s a celebrity in Adelaide after winning a competition to be a host on SAFM (Adelaide’s Today network station). It will come as no surprise that prior to that well-earned gig he was a pig farmer.

  2. jetsamjr Says:

    He’s an Adelaide celebrity? EEEEWWWWW! That just makes me like him even less.

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