When in Rome… [Doctor Who – The Fires of Pompeii]

This week the TARDIS showed why there’s a “tard” in its name when it dropped the Doctor and Donna into ancient Pompeii instead of ancient Rome. Nice one, TARDIS.

Luckily the TARDIS’s (apparent) mistake was all part of history’s plan – a plan that also involved a girlie religious cult, soothsayers turning to stone, and lava-powered granite monsters that can be beaten with a dinky water pistol. Not to mention Pompeii’s complete and utter destruction of .

Donna (who, importantly, has something mysterious on her back) faced a dilemma about whether to warn Pompeii’s residents about the approaching disaster or leave them to their fate, learning an Important Lesson about fixed and flux time points. She really earned her companion’s stripes when she and the Doctor made the terrible choice to detonate Pompeii, effectively sacrificing 20,000 lives (including their own, or so they thought) to save the world.

Though their escape from the heart of the volcano was a little too convenient, it led into a real cracker of a finale: the eruption showcased some top special effects and a chewy moral quandary. The ending would’ve been stronger if the Pompeiian family who the Doctor and Donna befriended had carked it, but I nevertheless got a little misty near the end there.

Tennant and Tate are fantastic together and really pulled off this ambitious, heart-thumping instalment. Can’t wait for the next week, when the octopudlian Ood make their return.


2 Responses to “When in Rome… [Doctor Who – The Fires of Pompeii]”

  1. A. C. Mercer Says:

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  2. I just can’t watch Catherine Tate and not be on the edge of squirmy laughter, as I’m too used to seeing her in comic roles. It isn’t possible.

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