The biggest dummy [The Biggest Loser]

On tonight’s episode of The Biggest Loser, Mel was eliminated after she incorrectly guessed that a bottle of Fanta would have fewer calories than a bowl of muesli. Huh? How do you not know that a sugary soft drink is worse for you than organic cereal? No wonder she’s so fat.

(I used to like Mel, till she turned down $50k a few weeks ago so she could continue her Biggest Loser “journey”. I bet she wishes she’d taken the money now.)

Later in the episode, Sam and Cosi proved to have lost the least weight during the week and came up for elimination. Not so long ago Cosi was lecturing the other fatties on how the best course of action is to eliminate the contestants who pose the biggest strategic threat, regardless of your feelings towards them, so of course he started telling everyone what a huge threat Sam is the moment he faced the chopping block. Shut up, Cosi.


3 Responses to “The biggest dummy [The Biggest Loser]”

  1. Her name is Michelle, not Mel. πŸ™‚
    And the guessing game at the end wasn’t simply “which is best for you” it was to do with how many calories each food contained. Muesli actually has quite a lot of calories, it’s just they come in “good” ways, rather than the “bad” in fanta, french fries, etc.
    Was still a pretty clueless decision, but it’s not quite as cut and dried as you said.

  2. jetsamjr Says:

    Her name is Michelle?! Seriously? I’ve been referring to her as “Mel” the entire season.

    Oh well, at least I’m not the only one making this mistake. I’ve had several conversations about “Mel” with other viewers and no one else has corrected me, heh.

  3. Yeah, I’m with Mythor, the muesli could easily have had more. That’s why the guessing game was retarded β€” you could be quite educated about calories and still have got that wrong, depending on what brand the show chose. I mean, that’s why they do it β€” to get a ‘shock’ result β€” but it really doesn’t test much knowledge when you get a bunch of foods that are actually very close in calorie content.

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