US Kath and Kim find husbands [Kath & Kim]

The forthcoming US version of Kath & Kim has cast its male leads: John Michael Higgins in the Kel-equivalent role and Mikey Day in the Brett role.

Day I’ve never heard of but Higgins I know from his turn as humorless lawyer Wayne Jarvis in Arrested Development. So even though I’m extremely wary of this remake, at least there’s some proven comic talents in the lead roles. (Higgins and Day join Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, who play the titular foxy ladies.)

That really only leaves the Sharon role to cast. Easier said than done: Sharon has to be at once pathetic and loveable (not to mention obese), and it’s going to be super-tough to find someone who can do that better than Magda Szubanski.



3 Responses to “US Kath and Kim find husbands [Kath & Kim]”

  1. I’d say, that will be impossible to find someone as good as Magda. She’s the one. Irreplaceable!

  2. Agreed! I pity the actress who has to step into her big (figuratively and literally) shoes.

  3. Molly Shannon! I love her so much. I was watching Will n Grace reruns where she kills em dead and then had to go and put Superstar on for more Molly. Deadly casting choice.

    Selma’s great too.

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