Lost finds an extra hour [Lost]

ZOMG! Ausiello confirms that Lost is definitely, absolutely getting a 14th episode this season. If I were one of those fanboys with absolutely zero restraint I’d go ahead and write “YAAAAAY!” in the biggest font I could manage, but I’ll content myself with just putting it in regular letters: YAAAAY!

There’s a wee downside: the first hour of the three-part finale will air on May 15, but we’ll have to wait till May 29 to see hours two and three. But really, I’m perfectly happy to go sans Lost for a week if it means I get a double hit the week after.

Damon and I were working on the script and we just couldn’t get it all done in one hour without shortchanging the story,” said co-exec producer Carlton Cuse. “Now the finale will have all the sweep and emotional completeness we wanted it to have – along with, of course, answering who’s in the coffin.”

I have no idea who’s in the coffin so I’m just going to take a stab and say, um, Walt.

Ausiello also revealed that Grey’s Anatomy is getting an extra hour this season too… which I don’t really care about, but whatever.



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