Will & Grace: apparently better than Arrested Development [WTF]

AOL Television has unveiled numbers 40 to 31 in its list of TV’s 50 Best Comedies of All Time… and Arrested Development only comes in at number 36! And Will & Grace comes in at number 32!!!

Don’t get me wrong. I love Will & Grace reruns. I could watch Will & Grace reruns till I morphed into one of those mordibly obese blobs whose skin is fused with their couch. Will & Grace reruns are awesome. But don’t even try suggesting it’s a better sitcom than Arrested Development. Not even close.

Meanwhile, I’m going to predict that AOL TV’s number one comedy will eventually be some ancient American sitcom no one has ever heard of.



2 Responses to “Will & Grace: apparently better than Arrested Development [WTF]”

  1. I’ll tell you what will annoy me: if i don’t mind All in the Family or South Park in the first ten.

  2. […] I’ve never heard of but Higgins I know from his turn as humorless lawyer Wayne Jarvis in Arrested Development. So even though I’m extremely wary of this remake, at least there’s some proven comic […]

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