OMFG, Gossip Girl skanks it up a little more [Gossip Girl]

This saucy promo picture for new eps of Gossip Girl – which returns to US screens on April 21 – kinda kills the speculation that Nate is the character who’s going to come out:

According to Ausiello there’s another poster floating around with Blair and Chuck in a similiar position, which: ew.

Meanwhile, there’s a rumour that the actress who plays GG‘s token Asian (I know that’s offensive, but please – she’s totally token) Kati has been booted off the show because she rubbed Leighton Meester up the wrong way. What a convincing, totally believable story!

[Image ohnotheydidn’t]


3 Responses to “OMFG, Gossip Girl skanks it up a little more [Gossip Girl]”

  1. Gossip Boy Fan Says:

    if you think this print ad is sexy, wait til you see the gossip girl promos on youtube.

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