“If you see my penis, just try to catch it with some cheese!” [South Park – Eek! A Penis!]

I am definitely going to work “How do I reeeeech deez keeeeeds?” into every conversation I have.

‘Eek! A Penis!’ kept finding ways to get better and better. The mouse with the penis on its back felt like it’d be the funniest bit of the episode… then along came Mickey Mouse’s massive erection. (That must sound really perve-y if you didn’t see the ep yet, but trust me: funny.) And I didn’t think they’d top that, till the mouse sang a moonlight duet with the penis on its back. LOLZ! That sort of fucked-up shit is what keeps me coming back to South Park.

Garrison – who’s finally back to being a Mr – and his desperate quest for a new dick was obviously inspired by the hoopla surrounding Thomas “Pregnant Man” Beatie. Garrison’s what-makes-a-man speech at the end was a tad heavy-handed, as the closing speeches on this show often are, but I’m not sure if Parker and Stone actually believe the words they put in Garrison’s mouth. The “ovarian cancer” punchline kinda suggested they don’t.

Meanwhile, I’m a fan of bizarre Cartman plots so I liked his turn as Mr Cartmanez. It reminded me that while most of the time Cartman is a manipulative douche, some of the time he’s just, um, a manipulative douche…?


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