Dated pop sensations join Idol bandwagon [Australian Idol]

The Daily Telegraph reports that faded pop stars Darren Hayes and Tina Arena will join Dicko when he jets off to London soon to audition Aussie expats for Idol‘s upcoming sixth season. Oh… wow, Idol. Darren and Tina, what a coup!

Actually, I’m being unnecessarily harsh here. With Mark Holden no longer in the picture, Australian Idol needs someone to fill the “musical has-been” role, right?

Says Hayes: “Rather than judging people, I’m going to be looking for that little bit of magic that someone once saw in me.” I’m going to resist turning that into some sort of gay joke.



4 Responses to “Dated pop sensations join Idol bandwagon [Australian Idol]”

  1. Briony James Says:

    You know what I’d rather their opinions over those of the usual judges because at least both Darren and Tina are genuinly talented performers. I find it really sad that people can’t acknowledge and applaude what they’ve both achieved instead of having to make snide pathetic remarks. Then again you’ll never sell millions of albums so what does it matter what you say.

  2. Gosh, sor-REE. By your logic I needn’t take your opinion to heart either, since you’ll never sell a million albums either.

  3. […] [Australian Idol] The same day Idol reveals that Darren Hayes and Tina Arena will join the London leg of auditions, the show also announces that the Los Angeles auditions have been scrapped […]

  4. Dont ever call Darren Hayes a faded popstar please!! Obviously you havent listened to any of his recent albums or seen him on tour lately. Darren is the most talented singer I have ever seen on stage and not only that a thoroughly decent guy which is rare these days, he writes all his own music and puts his heart and soul into everthing he does – he is actually too good to be judging on Pop Idol he belongs on the stage. So leave him alone – he’s doing them a favour!!

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