Gosh, underworld violence sure is glamorous [Underbelly – Suffer the Children]

Tonight on Underbelly, Jason Moran (Les Hill) was finally dispatched by his archenemy Carl Williams (Gyton Grantley, who plays one heck of a fat shit). Actually, “dispatched” is probably too gentle a word to describe a bloody murder involving lots and lots of blood. I’ve been waiting weeks for Jason to bite the dust – he wasn’t a very pleasant character. Which might’ve had something to do with the fact that he was a violent gangster. That tends to prejudice me against people.

What really bugged me about the episode, though, was Kevin Harrington as Jason’s dad Lewis. When I look at Kevin I see David Bishop from Neighbours, a character about as tough as mashed potato. I can’t take him seriously as a gangster ordering people’s deaths.

Fortunately I think that Lewis is due to die in a couple of weeks (I’m not from Melbourne, so I have no idea about the details of this “gangland war that shocked a nation”), so there’s that to look forward to.



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