The real reason Charles Widmore is such a toad [Lost]

I dig crazy Lost theories. The latest one isn’t as deliriously dense as the time loop theory (which you should definitely read, if you have half an hour to spare and a handful of brain cells you don’t mind being blown), but it’s still pretty neat.

According to DocArzt, Charles Widmore (played by Australia’s Alan Dale, who has somehow become the go-to guy for billionaire villains on US TV shows) isn’t searching for the Island so he can plunder its resources, which is what Ben claims.

Supposedly, Widmore is searching for the Island because he’s trying to track down Annie, who’s actually his daughter. If you’re scratching your head all, “Who the heck is Annie?”, here’s a quick refresher: Annie was Ben’s best friend as a kid, and it’s speculated that her adult relationship with him is one of the keys to the entire series. (In the recent ep ‘The Other Woman’, there were hints that Ben is obsessed with Juliet because she reminds him of a woman from his past. Could that woman be Annie?)

I like the “Widmore wants Annie” theory because it adds an unexpected new angle to his war against Ben. Can it please be two weeks in the future already, so we can get a new episode?

[Link, image DocArzt’s Lost blog]


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