Six dead Lost characters you totally forgot about [Lists]

In the latest episode of Lost (and the last one before the hiatus), wild-eyed Island woman Danielle Rousseau was apparently gunned down by unseen snipers. Oh yeah, and former Other Karl also bit the bullet, no pun intended. Don’t blame yourself if you already forgot about his death, even though it only happened a few weeks ago. Plenty of the deaths on Lost have been plenty forgettable:

6. Eko
The smoke monster looked into Eko’s heart when he was wandering through the jungle and saw something it really didn’t like. We still don’t know exactly what the smoke monster is, but somehow it was able to pick him up, slam him into a few trees, beat him against the crowd and kill him.

Eko is overlooked because his passing coincided with the first good look we got at the monster. Instead of being all, “Oh noes! Eko is dead!”, fans were all, “WTF? How’d he get snapped by a cloud of smoke?” Even the surviving Losties didn’t care that much that he’d died. Case in point: Locke and Sayid didn’t even bother burying him in the makeshift graveyard along with all the other dead castaways, instead leaving him in the jungle.

5. Seth Norris
Ah, Grunny. Jack and Kate found Captain Seth Norris unconscious in the wreckage of the plane not too long after the plane crash. Norris came to long enough to reveal that the castaways were totally lost, before the monster came along and made a snack of him. How rude!

All this happened in the pilot episode, along with a bunch of way more important stuff that pushed poor Grunny out of our memories. I totally forgot about him until the recent ep ‘Confirmed Dead’, when Frank Lapidus revealed that he was originally intended to fly 815 from Sydney to LA that day.

4. Ms Klugh
When Bea Klugh first showed her face in season two, it seemed she might become an important part of the Lost mythology: she seemed to be instrumental around the Others’ camp, and she kicked off the events of the season two finale when she presented Michael with a list of castaways to kidnap.

Unfortunately for fans of mysterious black women, it was not to be. Halfway through season three, she ordered crazy Russian Mikhail to shoot her after the Losties took over The Flame station, which he did. It all seems like a very long time ago now…

3. Boone
Boone died all the way back in season one, soon after he and Locke found a plane suspended precariously in trees in the middle of the Island. Boone climbed into the plane, Boone briefly spoke to Bernard on the radio, the plane tumbled out of the trees, Boone go squish now.

Boone’s demise is forgettable mostly because it happened so long ago – all the way back in 2005 (our time), before the Losties had even opened up The Swan. Ancient history. But don’t feel too bad for forgetting all about him… even his sister Shannon (who herself came thisclose to making this list) wasn’t all that cut up about it. Less than a week after he died she was off boning Sayid in the jungle.

2. Adam and Eve
Jack and Kate discovered two dessicated, long-dead bodies in a cave in season one, who they nicknamed Adam and Eve. Who were they? How’d they die? No one knows. (My theory is that the bodies belong to Daniel and Charlotte, who will somehow be back in time. And become mummified.)

The writers may have forgotten about Adam and Eve, but I sure haven’t. Forget the statue with four toes; how these bodies wound up in the cave and why they were holding his’n’hers black and white stones is the mystery I want answered.

1. The passengers of Oceanic Flight 815
On September 22, 2004, Oceanic Flight 815 took off from Sydney. En route to LA it drifted thousands of miles of course, and eventually crashed into the Island when Desmond forgot to push the button in The Swan, causing a huge electromagnetic build-up. Or something.

The passengers who survived the crash became the heart and soul of Lost, so It’s easy to forget that more than 250 people actually died when the plane came down. Way to go, Desmond.

[With help from Lostpedia (the bestest site eva!), images Lost Media]


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