Big Brother turns over new, boring leaf [Big Brother]

Despite gaining a cranky new host, Big Brother will apparently be a whole lot more mellow this year. According to Behind Big Brother, the upcoming eighth season of the show is gearing up to treat its housemates with the respect they deserve. Well, that kinda makes it sound like BB is going to be extra-mean to contestants this year, when in fact he’s going to be extra-nice.

I hope the show doesn’t make a big deal out of Big Brother’s pleasant new personality – it’s not like he’s ever really been that nasty, unless you count the snotty comments he’d make when the housemates tried to nominate.

Also, Big Brother Uncut definitely won’t be back, even though Kyle Sandilands promised it would. Boo! Now how are we supposed to gauge how big the contestants’ penises are?

[Link, image Behind Big Brother]


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