The show that spoils itself [The Biggest Loser]

Here’s what bugs me about the absorbingly drawn-out elimination episodes of The Biggest Loser: so before a fattie is cut from the show every Monday, there are these teasers all, “Later, we catch up with the contestant who goes home tonight”. And these teasers include quick cuts of the eliminee’s body, “cleverly” edited to hide his or her face… yet you can always guess who’s getting booted by looking at these body parts.

Case in point: tonight the fatties up for elimination were Bryce and Kirsten (which is a name you’d totally expect a female water polo player to have, am I right?). The elimination teasers clearly showed a person with thick, manly hair on his arms. Last time I looked Kirsten was not a hairy man, so I was less than shocked when Bryce was voted out. Sure, it was pretty obvious that Bryce would go home. But there’s no need to add to the obviousness! Shut up, show.


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