Adipose monsters are too cute… WANT [Doctor Who – Partners in Crime]

Confession time: I’ve never been a frequent Doctor Who viewer. Which is weird, because I got a big kick out of the rampant, gleeful silliness in all the episodes I have seen – you can’t help but love a show that’s so willfully ridiculous. So this is why I’m going to give season four a proper go. Plus, the only thing better than David Tennant and Catherine Tate individually is David Tennant and Catherine Tate together. They’re both so loveable it makes me sick.

In season four Catherine reprises her role as Donna Noble; turns out Donna’s been searching for the Doctor since their brief adventure in ‘The Runaway Bride’, and her sheer joy when they were eventually reunited was magic. But said reunion took a while to happen: though the Doc and Donna were simultaneously investigating the same shady weight-loss drug, they kept missing each other by seconds. Ain’t physical comedy grand?

Kudos to Russell T Davies for another story that’s entertaining, camp and nonsensical. Something about an extraterrestrial Supernanny-type feeding fatties this so-called miracle drug, which converted the fat in their bodies into adorably little critters called Adiposes. And then at the end all the Adipose floated up into a spaceship for some reason. And there was some malarkey with a battle of the sonic screwdrivers. Or something.

So I loved the stars, the plot was compellingly dumb brain candy, AND the episode made fun of fat people. Am I in TV heaven or what?


2 Responses to “Adipose monsters are too cute… WANT [Doctor Who – Partners in Crime]”

  1. CSBlakebrough Says:

    Spot on review, the whole thing is ridiculous but it makes for fantastic TV.

    I too want an adipose. They better get the toys out soon! 🙂

  2. I love the Adipose, I have a plush toy of one, they are so cute! But they are also slightly sinister, but they are still sooo adorable!

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