OMG, Baltar finally shaved off his rat beard! [Battlestar Galactica – He That Believeth In Me]

Oh yeah, and a whole bunch of other stuff happened too. Like that opening space battle – it was, as the Capricans say, FRAKKIN’ AWESOME. Most movies don’t have CGI that good.

So just in case anyone thought the season three cliffhanger was a clever fake-out, we got pretty clear confirmation that the Final Four are Cylons. Sam, with his eye-scan from those creepy Raiders, is definitely Cylon (unless Ron Moore has some sneaky explanation for that up his sleeve, which I doubt, because it would suck). That the Four now know they’re Cylons caused some delicious dramatic irony – notably Tigh’s fantasy about popping Bill in the eye, Apollo’s meta-question about whether it even matters if someone we care about is a Cylon, and Starbuck’s coldly delivered line to Sam that she’ll shoot him between the eyes if she discovers he’s a skinjob.

And Starbuck. Oh, Starbuck. I’m not even going to start speculating on what’s happening there, except to point out that her turn towards insanity at the end is in character regardless of whether she’s the “real” Kara Thrace or some sort of Cylon clone. Her resurrection is going to open up some deep rifts between the Galactica crew, and I can’t wait to explore them.

Meanwhile, how frakkin’ hot did Apollo look in his civilian clothes? (Thank goodness he rejected dad’s offer to rejoin the flight crew, so we’ll get to see him in that tight-fitting jumper for a few episodes yet.) He was only outdone in the hotness stakes by Tricia Helfer – as Head Six she’s stunning, but as Caprica Six she’s an absolute knockout.

Oh, and if you totally forgot everything that happened in seasons one, two and three (and who could blame you if you had), Salon and New York magazine each have great Battlestar primers. Remember how complicated that “Arrow of Apollo” business was? Me neither!


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