Still fat [The Biggest Loser]

The Biggest LoserOn tonight’s super-sized episode of The Biggest Loser the current crop of fatties were reunited with “heroes” from past seasons. (Because losing weight now makes you a hero. Are all fit people heroes, or just fitties who used to be fatties?) Interesting to see whether the Loser experience holds up in the real world: which returnees have kept the weight off, and who’s returned to takeaway pizza every night and midnight ice-cream binges?

Adro – season 1
Still thin. Hardly surprising, given that he’s a full-on personal trainer and life coach now. (I know, right?) He has to stay thin to sustain his fancy new career. One of my friends saw him on a plane once, and he ate half a muffin and then put the rest away. What restraint!

Kristie – season 1
A bit fat, but she has popped out her sixth kid since going on The Biggest Loser. I guess that’s a pretty good excuse. I guess.

Big Wal – season 1
Wal’s personality is still massive, but he’s kept off most of the weight. The man is huge, but in an “old man-ripped” way instead of a “disgusting sweaty blob” way.

Munnalita – season 2
Still fat. The first thing I noticed when she stepped out of the ridiculous stretch Hummer that delivered the “heroes” were her ham arms. (Admittedly they weren’t as flobby as Ajay’s. That isn’t saying much.)

Damien – season 1
Still fat, but relatively thin. The man weighed more than 200 kilos when he started on the show, so compared to his former obese self he is like a stick now.

Courtney – season 2
Thinner, but still grotesquely ugly. Unfortunately, the Aussie version of Loser has never had a knack for choosing fatties who turn into hotties when they get thin (unlike the US incarnation), and Courtney is the prime example of this. Sadly, while he’s lost a bunch of weight, he hasn’t lost his vile, faggy hair-don’t.

Tracy – season 1
Tracy? Who? Oh, right, the former plus-size model. Still fat, though people watching Loser with me thought she looked thin. Maybe I’m just unreasonably judgemental. (“Maybe”?)

Patti – season 2
Patti was ridiculously toned at the season two finale – remember when she flexed her she-guns on the scales? Scary. She’s not that ripped anymore, thank goodness. The Jada Pinkett-Smith look is frightening on anyone.

[Image: The Age]


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